Color Challenge

Sorry that it’s not singing but orz it didn’t look right. Bright side! You’re the first drawing I’ve ever drawn completely digital and colored it. So I mean… I’m kinda happy with it at the moment. Space whallleeeee.

God save my soul why did I decide to do water and lava for my final project. It took forever to render out.

Animation posing, lighting, and some linear workflow thing practice. I’m getting the hang of things. But no really, I’m really enjoying maya.

Now to just, you know upload my animations.

Something I did two semester’s ago I believe. I was taking DFA and we had to draw a water drop. 

I think I’ll start uploading my animation stuff to here too. Anything that I’m doing for homework wise or just testing out. Here’s a tail thing we’re learning! I’ll upload the second pass when I’m done with it. 

Really quick and old doodles. Just trying to get hair and expressions down. 

Layouts for my Animation Layout & Sound class. This is actually one of the few things that I liked that I drew.